What Are the Benefits of Living in Hong Kong?

Posted on 19 August, 2021 | By Property852

Living abroad is always an exciting lifestyle change, but no place on earth gives foreigners the living experience that Hong Kong does. That's because Hong Kong offers the ex-pat community some amazing benefits.

If you're interested in living that Hong Kong life and learning what living in Hong Kong is really like, keep reading. We've put together a guide on all the benefits of living in Hong Kong. 

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Hong Kong Offers Many Outdoor Activities

When people think of Hong Kong, they often think of flashing billboards and city lights. And, while you can certainly hang out in the city, there are also some incredible places that you can explore that allow you to get out in nature. 

For one, Hong Kong offers plenty of country parks where you can sit down for a picnic and escape the city life for a while. Or, if you prefer, you can head out of the city and check out one of the hiking trails in Hong Kong.

You can also choose to get away from home for a day and explore the beach. Or, if you want a slightly longer trip, check out Macau or Lamma Island for a day. You won't be disappointed! 

Transportation Options Abound for People Living in Hong Kong

One thing about the Hong Kong lifestyle that most ex-pats love is that the city has a fantastic transportation system. You can hop aboard the MTR, Hong Kong's subway system, and make your way around the entire area. 

You can also take advantage of the tram system that spans the island. This will help you get from A to B without having to go underground. And, the regular schedules mean that you can almost always catch a ride when you need one. 

Let's not forget that there are plenty of taxis hanging out in the area. No matter where you need to go, you can count on a trusted taxi driver or Uber driver to get you to your Hong Kong apartment or other destination.

There's Always Something Going On

One major benefit of the Hong Kong infrastructure is that the city is always awake. That means that you can always find food, hotels, or things to do no matter what time of the day or night you happen to be out and about!

For instance, Hong Kong is famous for its outstanding massages. And, there are plenty of massage parlors around the city that you can access even during the small hours of the morning. That means you can relax and unwind no matter what time it is. 

Plus, local corner stores such as Circle K or 7-Eleven are open around the clock. You'll be able to score chips, ice cream, and other snacks so that you can enjoy an at-home feast for your late-night movie or TV session. 

Hong Kong Has Unique Food Options

Hong Kong has some incredible restaurants and eateries, which is one reason it's such a popular place for expatriates to move to. In fact, the country could be considered a foodie's paradise!

Not only can you try traditional foods such as Yum Cha and Sushi, but you can also enjoy all your favorite comfort foods. You'll find your classic Big Mac and MacDonald's or a tasty iced mocha at Starbucks. 

If you'd rather enjoy exploring Hong Kong's food scene from the comfort of your living room, you can order Uber Eats, Food Panda, or Deliveroo and get whatever you're looking for sent right to your door. 

Hong Kong Is Extremely Safe

When you move to a new country, it can be hard to know what good and bad neighborhoods are. Luckily, Hong Kong is an extremely safe place for you to live, meaning that there aren't many areas that you'll need to worry about. 

In fact, the chances of encountering a pickpocket in Hong Kong are pretty slim. That means that you can walk home alone at night after a drink or two without worrying about running into any issues. 

What's more, Hong Kong's police force and public safety teams are extremely vigilant. That means that when you're out and about, you can rest easy knowing that you won't be running into any danger zones while exploring the city. 

You Won't Struggle With the Language

One of the biggest barriers for people wanting to move abroad is that they have trouble with the language. Luckily, while Cantonese is the national language of Hong Kong, many people speak English here. 

If you head somewhere like The New Territories or Kowloon, you can practice your Cantonese. However, if you're planning to stay on Hong Kong island, chances are you'll never need to use a single word of the language! 

Since the language isn't a concern, buying a home or renting an apartment in Hong Kong is a great choice for anyone who's wanting to move abroad. You'll be able to enjoy a modern country without worrying about missing out due to language barriers!

Make the Move to Hong Kong

As you can see, there are so many amazing benefits to living in Hong Kong. For anyone who's wanting to lead an exciting lifestyle abroad, Hong Kong is a great place to move to. 

If you're ready to make the move, the team at Property852 can help. We offer apartments and homes in Hong Kong. Call now to find your home sweet home in the heart of Hong Kong!

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