Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place my property listing on Property852 even if I am also using an estate agent to sell it? Arrow

Yes. You can do both to maximise your sales opportunity. If you sell the property before your estate agent then you get to save the money from the commission.

Can I advertise my property for both sale and rent through the same listing? Arrow

No. This will require two separate listings.

Do I need to pay a commission? Arrow

No. Property852 does not take a commission. You only need to pay for your listing

How much does it cost? Arrow

A standard listing costs HK$288 for three months. A priority listing costs HK$388 for three months.

What happens to my listing after the three months? Arrow

After the three month period has expired, your listing will be removed from the site. However the details will remain in your control panel area and, if you choose to, you can renew the listing for another three months.

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